Doctor Who Season 5 Recap+Review: episodes 6&7 

The sixth episode ‘The Vampires of Venice’ saw the return of Rory, Amy’s fiancée. At the end of the previous episode, Amy had requested The Doctor to return her to Earth on the night they had left, which was the night before her wedding. On returning back Amy had kissed The Doctor. The Doctor, wanting Amy to work on her relationship with Rory, decides to gift them a romantic trip to Venice. They land in Venice in 1580 and The Doctor soon becomes suspicious of the city’s patron, Rosanna Calvierri, who runs a mysterious school for girls.
This was a decent Doctor Who episode, not as good as the 4th and 5th episodes but better than the 2nd and 3rd. The comedic element added due to Rory and his insecurities about The Doctor and Amy is what really held the episode together. However the main plot wasn’t very strong and sometimes became a bit boring. Also many questions were left unanswered hence there were a couple of loose ends. I feel like this episode would have worked better as a two parter rather than a standalone.
One my my favorite scenes was towards the starting of the episode when Rory is at his stag party and a cake is being wheeled in. Everybody chants for a stripper to pop out of it but to everyone’s shock The Doctor’s pops out instead. The Doctor tells Rory that Amy kissed him-
The Doctor: Rory! That’s a relief. Thought I’d burst out of the wrong cake. Again. That reminds me, there’s a girl standing outside in a bikini. Could somebody let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy. Lovely girl. {whispering} Diabetic. Now then. Rory. We need to talk about your fiancée. She tried to kiss me. Tell you what though, you’re a lucky man. She’s a great kisser. {silence} Funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine…
Arthur Darvill plays the cowardly and timid Rory to perfection. Even though Rory is a coward, he shows that when it comes to people that he cares about, he would put his life on the line to protect them (even if it may not exactly look heroic). Later in the episode he also makes some very valid points about The Doctor’s character like how he always makes people want to impress him and how that ends up putting those people in danger.
In this episode Amy is also very indecisive about which one of her ‘boys’ she likes better which is evident during the scene in which she has to decide which one of the men would accompany her to Signora Calvierri’s school. First she proposes that the The Doctor accompany her being disguised as her Fiancé, to which Rory objects as he doesn’t want others to think the Doctor‘s her fiance. Then she proposes Rory to accompany her as her brother to which Rory objects asking her why The Doctor being her brother was weird for her but with him being her brother it’s okay.
Although this episode had some beautiful and scenic scenes and a somewhat interesting plot, in the end it turned out to be not quite satisfactory.
The seventh episode ‘Amy’s Choice’ (sorry for the lack of a better word) was a complete mindfuck! Even though some might disagree, I thought the episode was just intriguing and incredibly engrossing.
However the ending was a bit weak and could have definitely been better.
The episode takes place between two realities. One which is set in Upper Leadsworth, Amy and Rory’s hometown. It is the year 2015 and it has been five years since Rory and Amy travelled with The Doctor. Amy and Rory are married and Amy is heavily pregnant. In the other reality Amy and Rory are still traveling with The Doctor and are currently in the Tardis. However both the realities have an enemy each, the first one having Eknodine, an alien race that is living inside the elderly people of the town. In the second reality they are trapped in the Tardis which has lost its power. They are slowly drifting towards a cold star and they have only 40 minutes till they freeze to death.
A mysterious man called ‘The Dream Lord’ appears and tells them that they must choose which reality is real and which one is fake. If they die in the fake reality, they will wake up in the real world. However if they die in the real world then they will actually be dead. He also adds a little twist by making them fall asleep and wake up in either of the worlds whenever he wants. The Doctor, Amy and Rory do not have any control over when they they fall asleep. Hence if they fall asleep while in the middle of a potentially life threatening situation in one of the worlds, they could end up dying.
The plot of this episode was quite clever. It really made The Doctor, Amy and Rory question things about their lives and everything else. Amy also finally decided if she was committed to Rory or wanted a life of adventure with The Doctor. Hence why the episode is called Amy’s choice.
In one of the realities she has a happy, married life with Rory with a baby on the way while in the other she is still traveling with The Doctor and living the adventure.
Dream Lord: “Now, which one of these men would you really choose? You ran away with a handsome hero. Would you really give him up for a bumbling country doctor who thinks the only thing he needs to be really interesting…is a ponytail?”
Amy: “Stop it.”
Dream Lord: “But maybe it’s better than loving and losing the Doctor. Pick a world, and this nightmare will all be over. They’ll listen to you; it’s you they’re waiting for. Amy’s men. Amy’s choice.”
Toby Jones portrays The Dream Lord excellently. Especially when you realize that The Dream Lord is a manifestation of The Doctor’s darker side. It was good to see that The Doctor too has so many insecurities and is a victim of self loathing. I honestly did not see that twist coming right till the end of the episode when The Doctor spoke about it.
Karen Gillan’s performance was also great especially as pregnant Amy in the first reality. She showed that being pregnant did not mean being weak and helpless. She was probably the strongest character mentally and emotionally. She finally made her choice in Rory when in the first reality he died and she deduced that she loved him so much that a life without him could not be real and hence that reality had to be fake. So she and The Doctor drove themselves into her and Rory’s house to their assumed deaths.
This was an amazing episode. Much more serious than the previous one, but with a gripping and complicated plot that I just loved. Rory and Amy are becoming one my favorite Doctor Who companions.

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