Movie Review: Ex Machina 

I’ve read a lot of good things about this movie ever since I came across it not so long ago. After putting off watching it, I finally decided to give it a go.

The film stars Domhnall Gleeson as Caleb, a programmer for a company called Bluebook (essentially a google-esque company). He wins a week long trip to spend at the company’s reclusive CEO Nathan’s house which is located in a secluded area in the mountains. Once there, Caleb learns that he was actually selected by Nathan to be the human component of the Turing test to be administered on Nathan’s newly developed AI, Ava (played by Alicia Vikander).

I have watched a bunch of movies involving and relating to AI’s but this is one of the few that takes a deeper route and focuses more on the complications and implications that could arise from developing a self aware AI and whether it is even a good idea to develop one in the first place. The movie relies more on its dialogue than action scenes which is something that you don’t see quite often in movies of this genre. For being a relatively smaller budgeted movie in this genre, it also has great special effects. The movie feels intimate and uncluttered which could be contributed to the fact that the cast is quite small. However all the cast members gave great performances, whether it be Domhnall Gleeson as somewhat naive and relatable Caleb, Oscar Isaac as the arrogant and pompous Nathan or Alicia Vikander as the clever and human like Ava.

In conclusion, the movie is well directed with a simple yet complex plot and maintains a suspenceful and thought provoking storeyline throughout. Even though it has a few plot holes and loose ends especially towards the end, it’s still probably one of the best movies I’ve watched this year. I’m actually quite surprised it only did moderately well in theaters. I would also recommend everyone to watch this movie without reading too much about it as it would only spoil its experience.



This is not a new movie. It actually released a while back. I decided to review it mainly for 2 reasons- 1) I feel like it didn’t get enough recognition 2) I hadn’t written a new post in almost 2 weeks. I’m still in the midst of finishing my Doctor Who season 5 review and reading Magnus Chase and the sword of summer by Rick Riordan which I’ll also hopefully review soon.


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