Book Review: Every Day by David Levithan

“Every day I am someone else. I am myself-I know I am myself-but I am also someone else. It has always been like this.”

Over the years author David Levithan has published various books in the young adult genre but Every Day is the first book of his I have read. The book is a thought-provoking and engaging exploration of identity and self. The plot although simple, is written in a very deep and meaningful way, which may take a little time getting used to.

For as long as he can remember ‘A’, a 16-year-old wakes up in a different person’s body each morning. He cannot choose a particular person’s body; he simply wakes up in the body of a host whose age is approximately close to his age and experiences a day in their life. He could inhabit the body of a boy, a girl, someone of different ethnicity or even someone with a different sexual orientation. He has no definite name or family. ‘A’ feels a sense of responsibility towards the life of the people he inhabits and tries to make sure he is careful to avoid changes in their lives that cannot be undone.  ‘A’ lives in the present, unable to plan ahead or make friendships or be part of a family.

One day, ‘A’ wakes up in the body of Justin – a rude and careless sixteen-year-old boy. It seems like just another day until he encounters Rhiannon, Justin’s girlfriend and finds himself falling in love with her – and farther away from what he has ever known before.

Every Day is a book about possibilities. It questions us philosophically in numerous ways but does not attempt to answer these questions instead leaving them in an open-ended way. I really enjoyed the fact that ‘A’ woke up in the bodies of so many different kinds of people from all types of backgrounds. Whether it be a suicidal girl, a Drug addict, a mean girl, an overweight boy, a geek or even a gay teen, the author did a terrific job in describing all of them. It gave a great perspective into each and every one of their lives and made me think about how we judge people so easily based on their attributes.

Every Day is an an excellent and interesting read and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


(This review was originally written for a school assignment)



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