Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted anything in a long time and sadly won’t be posting anything new anytime soon. I’m in my last few months of school and have three rounds of exams- first in late November/early December then in January with the final round in February/March. As much as I’d like to write new posts right now, I’m swamped with work. While studying for these exams, I also have to work on my college applications and finish other school work. It is really important for me to keep up my grades right now as my school will decide my predicted grades based on these coming exams. I have a few unfinished posts which I’m going to try to complete and post next month. Other than that my blog is going to be fairly quiet till mid March of next year. I’M NOT GOING FOREVER, I WILL BE BACK. I literally have so many post ideas but just not the time to execute them! 

Until next time. 


PS- I  also wanted to share something really cool that happened to me this week. So a few weeks back, the channel that airs Doctor Who in my country asked everyone on Twitter to send in questions for Peter Capaldi, who they said would be answering a few of those questions in a video to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of Doctor Who. And my question got selected! I really really really didn’t think any of my questions would ever get selected because I’ve just never been very lucky at this sort of thing. But it did! And he said my name! HE KNOWS I EXIST, even if it was probably just for a second. But still very cool and surreal. 

You can checkout the video here


An Introduction.

My name is Ojaswani and I am 17 years old (as of 2nd June ’15). For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading books. When I was younger I would pick up any book that I found mildly interesting and read it. Yes, I am one of those few people whose parents would have to tell them to stop reading novels and instead do some studying.
My love for films is immeasurable. I love everything about them, from everything taking place behind the scenes to the way they are finally presented. Anybody who knows me personally will probably tell you how I feel compelled to research pretty much everything about every movie I watch. The same goes for T.V shows. I’m not going to lie, I watch A LOT of shows on T.V, ranging over various genres. There was a time when I would have picked movies over T.V shows any day but I am at a point in my life right where I don’t get the time or have the time to go out and watch something 2 hours long at one go.
This blog is mainly going to consist of book and TV show reviews and occasionally film reviews as and when I get the time to see a new one and write about one. The books I read primarily belong to the Young Adult genre. I don’t have very restricted tastes when it comes to T.V shows and movies though. All other miscellaneous posts that I write will come under ‘G2R: Extra’.
I would like to end this blog post by saying that I am in no way a professional critic. My blog is a place for me to express and share my opinions and also hopefully get to know about yours.